Auction News

The Euro-USA Connection is proud to bring not just one, but two very special auctions to all of you fanciers. We are again teaming up with (formerly IDreamPigeons) for these two special events as they are a great team to work with. Just as we do on our website, there are NO additional quarantine fees/costs added on to the final sale price. We feel this is best way to do things and make it a much better experience for the bidders and BestPigeons (formerly IDreamPigeons) also supports us in this. We stand for quality pigeons and great communication, plus having a great buying experience is important to us. You will not have to wait for your birds to get out of quarantine or make the trip over from Europe or trying to track them down, these quality birds are already here in the USA and ready to make an impact in your loft. There will be videos of each bird being offered in the auctions. Plus, we will be putting out an online catalog for each auction so you can view the bird and its pedigree and get a little more information about them. Go to for contact information if you have any questions. See information and highlights about both auctions below, the Northern Lights Auction on October 30th and our Best of Europe 2nd Edition Auction will be held at the end of January.


This will be a live and online event, with pre-bidding online to start two weeks before the conclusion of the auction in which you will also be able to bid against the live bid on the auction floor on October 30th. Euro-USA Connection is bringing in 40 quality imports for this event and it is a line up you don’t want to miss. We encourage anyone who is able to make it to the auction live and see the birds, if not, there will be videos of all the birds posted online to see them as well. Some highlights of this auction include:

– A granddaughter of the world famous “Armando” that sold for over $1.5 million

– Multiple 1st prize winning pigeons as well as other top performance pigeons with multiple prizes to their name

– Proven breeders with children/grandchildren performing very well

– 4 Original birds from Serge van Elsacker that were intended for his breeding loft and my partner was able to get a hold of for the sale

– 3 original Kurt & Raf Platteeuw pigeons all proven, among them the grandmother of “Catoo” 1st National Aurillac winner and 3rd National Ace Pigeon of Belgium, a proven racer being a 9th Prov. Ace Pigeon and sister to 1st National Limoges winner, plus a prize winner and brother to super racer “Sea Surfer” who was 5th National Ace Pigeon for Belgium

– 2 direct from W. Guertz and Son right off top racers and breeders

***NEWS FLASH*** W. Guertz and Son wins 1st NPO Nanteuil vs. 5,043 birds on 8/28/21 with a daughter of “Veenstra 413” and there will be a son of “Veenstra 413” offered in this auction!

They also win 3rd Ace YB Middle Distance Combine ‘21, 6th Ace YB Middle Distance Federation ‘21 with a daughter of super couple “Super 316” x “Mother JayJay” and there will be a daughter of this very same super couple offered in this auction! So two very special ones!

– A special bred son of the SUPER BREEDER “Cyrus.” This special bird is also a proven breeder himself with my partner Bart winning a 6th Ace Pigeon in 2021 with a child of the bird on offer

– UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY! 6 original Stef Bals pigeons, he is a great fancier in the Netherlands and an exclusive supplier for PIPA, however my partner Bart was able to get 6 birds from him off some of his very best that we are now able to offer here. This is very special as usually these type of birds can only be purchased on PIPA, but we are able to bring them here to USA soil for this auction. Read up on Stef Bals and see his results, you will want to get your hands on these birds! ***NEWS FLASH*** Stef Bals just won 1st Niergnies vs. 4,614 birds & 5th Provincial vs. 13,325 birds with a son of “NPO Men” x “Evi” and there will a son of “Evi” offered in this auction.


This will be our 2nd year holding this auction and we have brought it a step further. We have selected some very specially bred pigeons for this auction off some super stars! Plus, we have added some high level fanciers to the roster with birds offered by Bart Hoogeveen, Falco Ebben, W. Guertz and Son, Andre van Boxtel, Bart Verdeyen of Belgium, Oliver Eschenberg of Germany and marathon legend Jan Polder! We will have about 40 super select imports up for offer in this auction. Some highlights include:

– A grandson of the world famous “Armando” that sold for over $1.5 million

– Multiple children of 1st NPO winners from Bart Hoogeveen as well as brothers/sisters of 1st NPO winners. Plus, two children of the super pair “Blue Sky” x “Femke”

– 5th Place Derby Arona final race winner!

– Full brother of the racing phenom “Yolanthe” now owned by Jan Hooymans

– Proven racers including a 1st Provincial winner!

– Original Peter vd Merwe and child of a 1st National winner

– A son of the 1st National Ace Pigeon Youngsters WHZB

– The best racing grandson of “Kittel” to come to America winning 1st vs. 2,441 birds, 2nd vs. 2,911 birds, 7th vs. 2,733 birds, 9th vs. 1,098 birds and many more prizes! Arguably the most proven “Kittel” based pigeon to come to the USA.

– Grandchild of the famous “New Laureaat”

– Grandchild of the famous “Best Kittel” of PIPA Breeding

– Grandchild of “Golden Prince”

– Grandchild of “New Harry”

– Falco Ebben brings 4 special birds selected just for this auction including: a son of “Linus” 1st National Chateaudun vs. 12,511 birds, a son of “Mad Max” super producer x “Odina” 1st NPO Chateaudun vs. 4,058 birds, a son of super racer and breeder “Lady Guusje” 3 x 1st place winner, 9th National Ace Pigeon ’19 & grandmother to 1st NPO Nanteuil vs. 5,037 birds (8/28/21) and a grandson of the phenomenal racer and breeder “Diablo” ***NEWS FLASH*** The son of “Odina” being offered in this auction is a full brother to the 3rd & 10th Provincial Chalons Champagne vs. 6,678 birds on 8/21/21!! A granddaughter of “Mad Max” wins 1st Morlincourt vs. 6,385 birds on 9/11/21!!

– W. Guertz and Son selected one very exclusive pigeon specially for this auction: an inbred daughter of their #1 breeder “Special Veenstra 364” when he was paired back to his own daughter! ***NEWS FLASH*** W. Guertz and Son wins 1st NPO Nanteuil vs. 5,043 birds on 8/28/21 with a granddaughter of “Special Veenstra 364”

– Andre van Boxtel offers two beautiful recessive reds that are bred from his special collection of pure Arie Dijkstra pigeons

– Bart Verdeyen of Belgium brings a fantastic group of 5 birds selected special just for this auction. Bart is a great fancier who won 1st National Barcelona in his career. He will be offering:

A full sister of 17th National Argenton vs. 20,000+ birds

A full sister of 38th National La Souterraine vs. 14,000+ birds

A grandchild of famous breeder “Harry” of Jan Hooymans (son of Bart’s “Diamond Harry”)

A child of “Mister Pau” super racer x “Beauty Laureaat” 67th National Valence winner!

– Oliver Eschenberg of Germany will offer 6 highly selected birds he is picking out just for this auction, with this being his first time offering birds on auction in North America he will make it special. Oliver is a very good fancier at home, but also performs very well in the OLR in Europe and S. Africa. He is very good friends with the well-known Hardy Kruger and has numerous birds direct from Hardy in his breeding loft. Included in his offer is a half-sister of the top SAMDPR bird “Gusion” which was 9th place in the final and 19th Grand Average winner, who was then bought by Veenstra and has become a great breeder in OLR for Veenstra himself, a son of a full brother to “Gusion,” a 100% Hardy Kruger off two original Kruger birds, full brother of “Cimejes” who won 48th Ace Pigeon SAMDPR and is now the father of 29th Final at Victoria Falls and 37th Super Ace Pigeon in Victoria Falls. ***NEWS FLASH*** Oliver wins Hot Spot Race #4 in the Ukraine Masters OLR vs. 1,084 birds and there will be a full brother of this Hot Spot Race winner in the auction!!

– Jan Polder offers two very special bred youngsters down from some of his best. Jan is a fantastic long distance fancier and his birds are entrenched in the Jan Aarden lines of the past with his “Victoria” dynasty who is now responsible for 9 (inter)national winners and 5x 1st National Ace Pigeons, one of the best long distance families there is. He offers an exceptionally bred grandson of 3 different 1st National winners, “Ringo” 1st National Marseille ’13, “Annemarie” 1st National Marseille vs. 4,899 birds ’14 and “Special” 1st National Agen vs. 7,125 birds. He also offers a daughter of top racer “Little Blue” who won 12th National Narbonne vs. 3,082 birds and granddaughter of “AnneMarie” 1st National Marseille vs. 4,899 birds & 2nd International vs. 12,054 birds

More info to follow!