Hoogeveen Brothers

My brother Thijs got involved with pigeon racing around 8 years ago. Soon after that I began an interest in the pigeon sport too and decided to join with him. From that time on we have been racing as the Hoogeveen brothers. We got involved in the pigeon sport because of our grandfather’s passion for pigeons. This passion has been passed on to the next generation. Since the beginning, our performances continue to get better every year.

We started with some pigeons from Rien van Oss from Velddriel. We got what we thought would be 3 pairs from them, however it turned out we have more hens and so we get an extra cock from them. This pigeon would be called “Skyfall” and would become a real super breeder for us. In the first year we bred with “Skyfall” we had some first prize winners from him. A year later a granddaughter of his won our first top 10 NPO prize. 8th NPO Troyes against 5.342 pigeons. Until now “Skyfall” has a big influence in our pigeon strain. We won the 1st Provincial Dizy le Gros against 14.634 pigeons this year with again a grandchild of “Skyfall.”

After my studies I came in contact with Falco Ebben. He asked me to come work for him as a pigeon photographer. After a short talk I decided to join the PigeonPixels team. It is very nice to be able to handle so many pigeons every day and make photos of the real top pigeons in the sport. Through this job I have made many contacts everywhere.

Since I started working with PigeonPixels, Falco and his Uncle Will helped us with pigeon racing too and we have gotten many pigeons from them.
In 2018 they gave us some youngsters from their breeders for racing. Two of these pigeons were really good for us. For example, we got “Femke,” and this super hen won: 2nd NPO Nanteuil against 5.215 pigeons and in 2020 she won another 2nd provincial prize. This time from Moeskroen Menen against 10.748 pigeons.

In the summer of 2019 Falco drove to our house and told us he had an ‘early birthday’ gift. This was super breeder “Cyrus” himself. He is the (grand)father to five 1st NPO winners, 1st Olympiad pigeon for Germany and many more top pigeons. We immediately started breeding from him and decided to never sell any youngster from him. Most of his children were placed directly in our breeding loft. So at the moment there are 20 direct children from him in our loft.
In 2020 we started breeding with only 4 children from him. On every race the grandchildren of Cyrus were on top.

Later we invested more in super pigeons, for example:
“First Harry,” super breeding grandson of Harry
“Jolene,” 4th National Ace Pigeon Short Distance from Reijnen Bolton
“Viperke,” 11th National Ace Pigeon PIPA ranking
“Dafne,” 9th National Ace Pigeon PIPA ranking

Our latest investment was also a direct son of “Cyrus.” He is the father of “Optimum,” who won 1st NPO Troyes against 6.440 pigeons.

Last year we also got the idea to start competing in one loft racing. For this we bought some winners in OLR in Europe, such as the winner of the Algarve Great Derby winter and summer race. And we bought some direct pigeons from Mike Ganus. These are direct children from all his best such as, “Sun City,” “Sylt Orpheus,” “Untamed Dessert,” “Said in Spun Silver,” “Laura is a Big Winner Today,” and “Halover” etc.

A few years ago I got in contact with my good friend and business partner Calvin Gall. In the beginning we just talked about the pigeon sport in the Netherlands and the USA. Later we both got more ideas about how to connect Europe and the USA together and help pigeon fanciers in the USA with their purchases of pigeons from Europe. We call this cooperation the Euro-USA Connection. Calvin and I have done some great things already and for sure we will do bigger and better things in future.