“Cimejes III” DV6967-23-1090 BB Cock

Very special offer!! Full brother to super bird “Cimejes” which is doing fantastic at the Victoria Falls OLR.  “Cimejes” was 48th Ace Pigeon at SAMDPR and has become best breeder for Oberholster Loft in SA.  He is sire to: “Bofongo” winner of 29th Victoria Falls Final, “Comacha” 37th Super Ace Victoria Falls, “King D” 10th Grand Avg Ace Pigeon Victoria Falls, “Jessie’s Queen” 40th Super Ace winning over $100,000+ at Victoria Falls

Sire: “Quattro” is a Hardy Kruger x Janssen cross and father to “Cimejes” mentioned above

Dam: “Super 837” is  Hardy Kruger x Deimel-Fecke cross and mother to “Cimejes”

(Bird arrives in USA in January)

(Price includes import and shipping costs)