“Hardy 911” DV6927-22-911 DCWF Cock

100% Hardy Kruger bred off two original Hardy Kruger pigeons

Full brother to super OLR bird “Gusion” winner of:

9th SAMDPR Final

19th Grand Average winner

She is now top breeder for Pieter Veenstra mother to:

35th Ace Pigeon Pattaya OLR

61st Pattaya OLR Final vs. 3,653 birds

13th Victoria Falls Hot Spot Race 2 vs. 5,272 birds

Sire: “Son Andretti” original Hardy Kruger

Son of super bird “Andretti” winner of:

1st vs. 3,675 birds

4th vs. 2,096 birds

12th vs. 1,383 birds

18th vs. 9,115 birds

Dam: “Panther Lady” original Hardy Kruger

granddaughter of the famous “Black Power”

(Bird currently in the USA)