“Hardy Boss” DV06967-22-839 DC Cock

Super lines of Hardy Kruger, Vandenabeele & Janssen

Sire: “Branch” won 1st, 17th, 36th, 38th prizes in one season and was the best yearling in the club.  His sister “Balvala” won 41st in the SAMDPR Final.  His bloodlines lines are Kruger, Vandenabeele & Janssen

Dam: “Antonia” was a top racer winning 3rd, 4th, 5th, 32nd, 32nd & 39th prize.  Her sister bred the 2nd place Derby Riachos Fundo Race.  Bloodlines of Kruger & Vandenabeele

Bred by Oliver Eschenberg, Hardy Kruger’s best friend, and he has blood from some of Hardy’s best.  Oliver races very well in the club and combine races in Germany, but also performs fantastic every year in the OLR.  He is known for breeding “Gusion” who won 9th SAMDPR Final and was 10th Grand Average winner and is now a top breeder for Pieter Veenstra.

I have brought in a few birds from Oliver already and each one of them has top quality!

If reserved bird would arrive in May