“Leideman Esmee” NL23-9088021 BBWF Hen

Super bloodlines of one of the best fanciers in all of Holland, the Leideman Brothers! The men made famous by “Goed Grijs.” Together with the lines of TJ & J Elzinga a super loft with the famous “Esmee” lines.

Sire: Original Leideman Brothers and off a full brother of “Claire.” She won:

1st Soest vs. 17,538 birds

1st Chalons vs. 5,887 birds

1st Sens vs. 1,629 birds

Dam: “Blue Esmee” original Elzinga and daughter of 2 super pigeons. “Prince Esmee” winner of 1st National Sens vs. 8,762 birds and 2nd National Morlincourt vs. 17,506 birds also won 2 x 1st NPO!

“Olympic Marjolein” winner of Olympiad Pigeon and 1st National Ace Pigeon Short Distance PIPA Rankings. Also a super breeder, mother and grandmother to:

1st National Ace Pigeon PIPA ’23

3rd National Ace Pigeon MD

4th National Ace Pigeon NPO Short Distance

(Bird arrives in USA in December)

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