“New Bernard” NL22-8535022 BB Cock

Sire: “LE BERNARD” super racer and breeder. Winner of 1st National St. Vincent vs. 13,472 birds

Sire and grandsire to winners of:

1st National St. Vincent Sec. 1

1st NPO Limoges

1st National Cahors Sec. 2

2nd National Perpignan

3rd National Agen

8th National Marseille

9th National Agen

Dam: “Bernadette” won 2nd National Perpignan and is a granddaughter of “Le Bernard”

So 1st National x 2nd National and inbred to the super “Le Bernard.” So if looking for quality long distance pigeons Frank Zwiers has some of the best.

(Here in the USA now!!)