“New Porsche Hope” NL23-9088019 BB Cock

Combination of legendary lines of “Harry” & “Porsche 911” with inbred “Hallilujah.”

Sire: “Porsche Harry” son of super breeder “Lady Harry” mother of 1st National Ace Pigeon ’21-’22 and 3rd Olympiad Pigeon. He is a grandson of “Porsche 911” of PEC and “Harry” of Jan Hooymans.

Dam: “Inbred Hallilujah” is a daughter of super racer “Prince Esmee” winner of 1st National Sens vs. 8,762 birds and 2nd National Morlincourt vs. 17,506 birds and 2 x 1st NPO. She is a double granddaughter of “Hallilujah”

(Bird arrives in USA in December)

(Price includes shipping and import costs)