“Porsche Hallilujah” NL23-9088012 BB Cock

Super inbred pigeon!! Double grandson of phenomenal breeder “Hallilujah” who is a son of Hooymans famous “Harry.” He is father and grandfather of 4 x 1st vs thousands of birds and numerous Ace Pigeons! Also inbred to the super hen “Esmee” who is 1st National Ace Pigeon 2014 and in the pedigree 3 times!

Sire: Son of “Hallilujah” paired with a daughter of famous “Porsche 911” x “Esmee”

Dam: “Last One” is a daughter of “Hallilujah” paired to “New Hope” mother of 5 x 1st vs 2,000+ birds

Super genetics!

(Bird arrives in USA in December)

(Price includes shipping and import costs)