“Rood Bonte Kittel” NL22-8677402 Red Checker Splash Cock

Grandson of the famous “Kittel”

Sire: “Beauty Kittel” son of the world famous “Kittel”

Top breeder himself, father & grandfather to:

1st Ace Pigeon Short Distance ’20

3rd Ace Pigeon Short Distance ’21

6th National Ace Pigeon Short Distance ’20

10th Ace Pigeon All Round ’20

and many more prize winners!

Dam: “Greipel Lady”

Granddaughter of top siblings of “Kittel” namely “Greipel” & “Gold Dust”

Super pair “Goede Rode” and “Olympic Rosita” in the pedigree 4 times!!

100% Dirk vd Bulck

size: medium to large

ventbones: closed

back: strong

muscles: very strong

(Bird arrives in September)