“Snelle Jelle 237” NL21-1732237 BC Cock

Top long distance lines and inbred to the super breeding hen “Rika” of Arjan Beens who is responsible for so many top racers including Jellema’s famous “MG430”

Sire: “Sergiu” original Frank Zwiers.  Grandson of 4 top birds, “Dirke” father of “Kleine Jade” winner of 1st International Barcelona for Jelle Jellema, “Olympic Romee” 1st Olympic Champion for Jelle Jellema, “Snelle Jelle” winner of 2nd National Perpignan, “Olympic Miss Gisje” winner of 1st Olympiad Pigeon for Arjan Beens and super breeder

Dam: “Refu13” original Martin de Poorter.  Daughter of top breeder “Snelle Arjan” father and grandfather to 8th National Ace Pigeon Marathon PIPA Rankings, 2nd National Dax, 2nd NPO Limoges.  He is a son of “Snelle Jelle” winner of 2nd National Perpignan for Arjan Beens.  Granddaughter of the super breeding hen “Golden Future” for Frank Zwiers.

(Currently in the USA)