“Victoria’s Zeus” SHE23-6498 BB Cock

Half-brother to 3rd place Victoria Falls OLR Final ’23 & 5th Super Ace Competition winning $35,000. Grandson to super racer and breeder “Jef” who won 1st International Barcelona vs. 16,051 birds. Combination of super long distance genetics from Jelle Jellema with International Barcelona winner!

Sire: “New Zeus” Original Jelle Jellema and son of two top birds “Zeus” x “Yinthe”

“Zeus” Top racer and breeder! Winner of: 18th National Barcelona Grandfather to winners of: 4th National Barcelona 5th National St. Vincent 12th National Barcelona 15th National Barcelona 25th National Barcelona 36th National Narbonne 64th National Barcelona


Top racer winner of: 14th National Pau 30th National Agen Half-sister to “Silke” winner of: 1st National Barcelona

Dam: “Jef’s Jewel”

Daughter of two 1st International winners! 1st International Barcelona x 1st International Pau (hens) Top breeder mother to: 3rd Place Victoria Falls OLR Final 2023 5th Place Super Ace Competition 2023 Winning $35,000


Super racer winner of: 1st International Barcelona vs. 16,051 birds with 1 hr 30 minute lead Bought for 140,000 euro

“Zwarte Weduwe”

Super racer winning: 1st International Pau (hens) vs. 3,015 birds 1st National Pau vs. 2,135 birds
(Bird is in USA now)