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    “Geerinckx Glamour”

    ‎BE23-6032908  DCWF Cock

    100% Geerinckx

    Sire: Half-brother of “Blauw Lientje” winner of 1st National Chateauroux, 38th National Bourges, 44th National Bourges

    He is a grandson of “Wittekop Sylvester”

    Dam: Granddaughter of two of Geerinckx very best “Gladiator” and “Wittekop Sylvester”

    (Bird arrives in November)

  • "Halfsister Night Gump" DV6348-17-11 BB Hen 1st NATIONAL WINNER AVAILABLE!!!! This hen won 1st National Agen Yearlings in Germany 2018 Bred by the super German fanciers Freialdenhofen and Son whose bloodline has performed well in the USA, Canada as well as the South Africa OLR She is a half-sister to "Night Gump" who won 1st National Perpignan 2014 Her father "Son Forrest Gump" won 1st National Agen in 2015 Her grandfather "Forrest Gump" is one of the best long distance breeders of all time and was 3rd International Ace Pigeon 2002 Her grandmother "Fenna" was 2nd NPO Bordeaux Her grandfather "Red Bordeaux" won 1st National Bordeaux in 2009 She is also inbred to the famous "Forrest Gump" Generation after generation of winners in her pedigree. (She is already in the USA) https://youtube.com/shorts/IaVlhSeGoTo?feature=share
  • “Kaasboer Jackpot”

    BE22-6069677 BB Cock

    Sire: “Brother Gebroken” is a brother of two top breeders and son of the super bird “Jackpot”

    “Jackpot” is winner of 7 x 1st prize and grandfather of 2 x 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB

    “New Queen L” of Jelle Roziers 1st National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB 2017

    1st National Ace Pigeon MD KBDB 2007

    Dam: “Inbred Kaasboer” is an original Gaston vd Wouwer

    (Bird arrives in November)
  • “Kapitein Vandenabeele” BE23-2112777 BB Cock

    100% Gaby Vandenabeele

    Inbred to “Bliksem” in the pedigree 4 times!

    Sire: “Glory Years” original Gaby Vandenabeele

    Son of top racer “Super Romeo” winner of 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB and grandson of famous “Rudy”

    Father to 22nd Iprov Bourges vs. 1,305 birds

    Dam: Original Gaby Vandenabeele

    Daughter of “Kapitein” top racer winner of 2nd Ablis vs. 6,930 b. & 19th National Chateauroux vs. 22,718 b.

    (Bird arrives in November)

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    "Laureaat 6492" SHE23-6492 BC (possibly hen) Here is a beautiful granddaughter of the famous "New Laureaat" winner of 1st International Barcelona and responsible for numerous national winners! Sire: "New Zeus" original Jelle Jellema and son of the super bird "Zeus" x "Yinthe" "Zeus" winner of 18th National Barcelona Grandfather of: 4th, 12th, 25th & 36th National Barcelona "Yinthe" winner of 14th National Pau & 30th National Agen Halfsister of "Silke" winner of 1st National Barcelona Dam: "Clara Laureaat" super breeding daughter of famous "New Laureaat" "Clara Laureaat" is mother and grandmother to: 1st National Marseille 9th National Perpignan 22nd National Agen 51st National Agen Combination of some of the best long distance genetics in the world!  With the huge sales of Batenburg this past year and Jellema happening this winter, this bird alone is very valuable! (Currently in the USA) https://youtu.be/TsmAtjFwCCo?si=_fwBootySoLSlFOJ
  • "Rood Bonte Kittel" NL22-8677402 Red Checker Splash Cock Grandson of the famous "Kittel" Sire: "Beauty Kittel" son of the world famous "Kittel" Top breeder himself, father & grandfather to: 1st Ace Pigeon Short Distance '20 3rd Ace Pigeon Short Distance '21 6th National Ace Pigeon Short Distance '20 10th Ace Pigeon All Round '20 and many more prize winners! Dam: "Greipel Lady" Granddaughter of top siblings of "Kittel" namely "Greipel" & "Gold Dust" Super pair "Goede Rode" and "Olympic Rosita" in the pedigree 4 times!! 100% Dirk vd Bulck size: medium to large ventbones: closed back: strong muscles: very strong (Bird arrives in September) https://youtube.com/shorts/cT3n3sj4bxk?feature=share
  • "Snelle Jelle 237" NL21-1732237 BC Cock Top long distance lines and inbred to the super breeding hen "Rika" of Arjan Beens who is responsible for so many top racers including Jellema's famous "MG430" Sire: "Sergiu" original Frank Zwiers.  Grandson of 4 top birds, "Dirke" father of "Kleine Jade" winner of 1st International Barcelona for Jelle Jellema, "Olympic Romee" 1st Olympic Champion for Jelle Jellema, "Snelle Jelle" winner of 2nd National Perpignan, "Olympic Miss Gisje" winner of 1st Olympiad Pigeon for Arjan Beens and super breeder Dam: "Refu13" original Martin de Poorter.  Daughter of top breeder "Snelle Arjan" father and grandfather to 8th National Ace Pigeon Marathon PIPA Rankings, 2nd National Dax, 2nd NPO Limoges.  He is a son of "Snelle Jelle" winner of 2nd National Perpignan for Arjan Beens.  Granddaughter of the super breeding hen "Golden Future" for Frank Zwiers. (Currently in the USA) https://youtu.be/qRolf4-hHGo?si=cPEYbof6-PyZut6o


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